University FAQs

No online/hybrid courses are allowed for any student enrolled in the Supreme Education Council. Only by case by case an online/hybrid course will be granted to a student. Students must send a request to the Cultural attaché office with an explanation from your College/University Advisor explaining in writing the reason the online/hybrid course is needed. When the letter is submitted to the Cultural Attaché office it will be reviewed and the final decision will be given from the Cultural Attaché Academic Advisor.
If a student would like to change his /her major for any reason permission must be given by the Cultural Attaché office. All students must submit in writing the reason for the change and final approval would be made from the Cultural Attaché Academic Advisor.
Each term all student must submit a copy of their unofficial transcript to the Cultural Attaché Office. All students will be given a due date when the all grades will be submitted by sending them to
Please send all tuitions invoices directly to
Financial guarantees are valid for one school term. Some colleges/universities may request for more than one term.
Scholarship extensions are granted on a case to case base. Each case will be reviewed and a decision will be made by the Cultural Attaché.
All students participating in ESL courses will only be granted one year through the scholarship program. There are no extensions for ESL courses.
All Request from College/University staff may be submitted to the Academic Advisor at