English as a Second Language (ESL)

  1. Students are allowed a maximum of one year (12 months) in an approved intensive English program in order to obtain minimum TOEFL or IELTS scores required for full academic admission.
  2. Only international TOEFL/IELTS tests will be recognizedinstitutional TOEFL is not acceptable.
  3. After twelve (12) months of ESL studies students are expected to obtain full academic admission or conditional/bridge admission (6 credits ESL + 6 credits academic) at an approved university for their major.
  4. Students who have obtained full academic admission while enrolled in the English language study must complete the term/session. Failure to complete the intensive English term/session may result in repayment of salaries received for the term he withdrew/or did not complete.
  5. Students in intensive English must attend classes everyday and fulfill all required course work.  It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of the attendance policies/rules at their respective English programs. Exceeding the allowed absences per term is a serious violation of your student (F-1) visa.
  6. Students who miss more than 20% of class for the term will need to repay the salary received exceeding the 20% of absences allowed.
  7. Dismissal from the intensive English program due to excessive absences will result in suspension from scholarship and repayment of all tuition and salaries paid.
  8. Dismissal from intensive English program will result in the termination of your I-20 and per U.S. Immigration rules will be required to leave the country within two (2) weeks.  Any violation of U.S. Immigration rules has severe consequences and could result in arrest, possible jail time and/or deportation.
  9. To receive summer salaries, students must fulfill oneof the following:
  10. Be enrolled in intensive English program for the summer term (and complete the term);
  11. Obtained full academic admission and completed all level of his intensive English program.
  12. Not all students are eligible for an annual ticket