***Important Note:
In response to the global outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Office of the Qatar Cultural Attache will continue to accept Authentication requests through the Portal electronically. Please be aware that the US government closings will restrict/delay authentication of degrees and transcripts. We will continue to monitor the situation daily and keep you updated with the latest developments. To contact us for any questions, please click on “Leave a message” on the bottom of the page and we will respond immediately during business hours.


Dear Valued Students,

Greetings from the Embassy of the State of Qatar – Office of the Cultural Attaché of the United States of America & Canada

In accordance of the Ministry of Education in Doha, Qatar, the Office of the Cultural Attaché is proud to be the lawfully authorized party in servicing Qatari nationals with Authentication and Equivalency in the United States and Canada.

Per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and all higher education/governmental policies, procedural authentication/equivalency requests require written and signed consent by the student in order to transfer authorization to our organization as a third party. This is done in the form of completing and signing release forms designated to the Office of the Cultural Attaché .

Therefore, your Authentication request indicates that you hold full accountability of representing your own personal records.

Before submitting your authentication request, you must follow these requirements:
• All signatures on submitted documents/forms must be original.
• By submitting your request, you are legally declaring that your documents and information is 100% accurate and belong to you.
• All original diplomas must remain in your possession (do not mail to our Office or any other sectors)

Authentication Processing Time : 5 business weeks upon receipt of all required registration, release forms, and uploaded documents(holidays/weekends/closings not included).

The Authentication Portal is informative in providing updates and notifications. For example, you can leave us a message or conveniently track your documents from anywhere in the world!

We encourage all U.S graduates/alumni to authenticate their documents regardless of status and/or occasion; being prepared with readily authenticated documents will eliminate any delay in future commitments and objectives you may want to pursue.

In support of privacy laws protecting student data, please be informed that any implications of fraudulent information or activity will immediately be reported to the responsible authorities.

We look forward to assisting you.