Academic Accreditation

Academic Accreditation:

The Cultural Attaché Office, through its Accreditation & Authentication Office, is responsible for providing accreditation and authentication services.

The Cultural Division educates and conveys to the Ministry Of Education and Higher Education. The Cultural Office provides authentication or certification services to Qatari students who graduate in accredited programs from accredited US & Canada institutions.

Supported Universities

The new 2014-2016 discipline-based list of universities aims to give students more opportunities for excellence and to provide them with wider alternatives to pursue their desired studies. The universities list, updated every two years, is set to achieve the highest international quality standards and to ensure that the education outcomes in the State of Qatar are the highest in terms of quality. The list informs students, their parents and all stakeholders in the educational process about the names of the universities for enrollment and explains their specialties and advantages to facilitate the process of admission so that students can compete in these universities in order to meet the needs of the Qatari labor market in the future. Being specialized in various and qualitative disciplines, our students are just in line with Qatar’s National Vision 2030, a vision that highly depends on the educational system to achieve its objectives. Below is the list of the universities:

SEC List of Universities for Scholarship 2017

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